Call for Abstract Submission for the 2018 Annual Conference

Opens: August 14, 2017 • Closes: December 11, 2017 (at 12:00 Noon) Extended: December 15, 2017 11:59 PM
Timezone: Central Time (US & Canada)
For technical assistance, please email webmaster.

Important Note: The presenting author (usually first author) agrees that the content will not be published or presented at another national meeting before the ASA meeting; a person cannot be presenting author on more than two abstracts but can be a co-author on any number of abstracts; ASA membership is not required for abstract submission.

Submission process, please read carefully!
  • Abstracts will be submitted directly through the web form, rather than an uploaded word or rich text format document.
  • The character limit/count includes spaces.
  • There is a 250 character limit (including spaces) to the title of your abstract - to be entered into the title field on the submission form.
  • There is a 2500 character limit (including spaces) to the abstract body - to be entered into the abstract body field of the submission form - for abstracts without a "Figure."
    • For Abstracts with a "Figure," there is a 2250 character limit (including spaces) to the abstract body.
    • The maximum dimensions of your figure/illustration image is a width of 430 pixels and a height of 320 pixels.
    • Images that are found to have larger dimensions than allowed will automatically be resized to comply with those specifications or deleted. Auto resizing may cause loss of image quality; therefore you should make sure to keep your image dimensions less than or equal to the allowed width and height.
    • Allowed image formats to upload are as follows: jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp; however, all images are converted to jpg (jpeg) during the submission process for consistent use with the webpages and embedding into the abstract document.
  • The text of the abstract must contain an introduction and objectives, methods, results obtained, and conclusions.
  • Financial funding from commercial entities that have an interest in the research must be listed. Listing other grant support is optional.
  • Abbreviations may only be used after the words are written out in full at first mention. It is the author's responsibility to submit the abstract in perfect order with no errors in spelling or grammar. Abstracts will not be retyped or corrected. Abstracts not received in the proper format will not be considered by the Program Committee.
  • Onsite Poster Trainee Merit Awards
    • Trainee Merit
    • Anna Steinberger (Only Female Trainees)
    • Outstanding Trainee Investigator
  • Trainee Travel Awards
    • NIH Travel Award
    • Thomas S.K. Chang Travel Award
    • Lonnie D. Russell Travel Award

    To be eligible for a NIH Travel Award, Thomas S.K. Chang Travel Award or Lonnie D. Russell Travel Award, trainees must be the (first) presenting author on the abstract. Award candidates must plan on attending regardless of the outcome of the Travel Award application process. To be considered for these awards, you may only submit one abstract for award consideration. Submitting more than one abstract will disqualify you.

    For the NIH Travel Award a letter from a research mentor or supervisor must be submitted on your behalf confirming that you are the first and presenting author by December 11, 2017. Please instruct your mentor to visit http://abstracts.andrologysociety.org/submitletter.aspx and complete the form online. Please note you will not be considered for the above mentioned award until your mentor’s letter of support is received.

    For the Thomas S.K. Chang or Lonnie D. Russell Travel Awards, 2 letters of support must be submitted from a research mentor and other supervisor, professor or colleague submitted on applicant's behalf by December 11, 2017. Please instruct your mentor/supporter to visit http://abstracts.andrologysociety.org/submitletter.aspx and complete the form online. Please note you will not be considered for the above mentioned award until letters of support are received.

    Awards are considered reimbursement; therefore, trainees must attend the meeting and present their paper before the travel award is presented. Trainees will be notified of the award at least two months prior to the Annual Meeting. If you are not selected for the Chang, or Russell awards, you are still eligible for the NIH award.

  • International Travel Awards

    The International Liaison Committee (ILC) has established the International Travel Awards in order to assist trainees and young investigators from countries outside US/Canada to present their work at the ASA Annual Meetings.

    The International Awards include:

    • The Lalor Foundation Awards
    • The International Society of Andrology (ISA) Awards

    The requirements for the International Awards are as follows:

    • Applicants must be from countries outside US and Canada
    • Applicants must have their abstract accepted for presentation at the ASA annual meeting.
    • Applicants must be the first (presenting) author on the abstract.